S1 A2 A1 ER-169 PC-700 PC-500 PC-400 300S

5F / 6.4mm

• The S1 pet-specific large electric clipper adopts the S-series steel cutter head, where 6 different scales are available for hair preservation.

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• The S-series steel cutter head adopts Japan’s best tool steel that has been processed in advance by precision automation equipment.

• The world-class steel cutter head is made of high-strength and high-precision steel with the hardness rating of HRC64, which is extremely strong. Stunning sturdiness and wear resistance. Sharper, more durable, and faster hair removal.

• The high-quality design perfectly combines the appearance and functionality to create the most professional pet clipper that stands the test of time.

• S1: We watch the quality for you with our professional technologies. We guarantee the quality of the professional pet hair trimmer based on the company’s reputation. It’s definitely worth it to buy for your pet.